Brow Gel for blonde eyebrows

Hair so fair your eyebrows are translucent? You can still have defined eyebrows. Read on.

Brows - Makeup

‘No-eyebrow’ eyebrows coming right up.

I’m putting myself into the minority here, according to Instagram and Kim Kardashian’s entire fan base (go easy on me gals) but I am not into dark super defined and outlined eyebrows. I want definition sure, and I want a perfected shape naturally, but on the fair haired amongst us, darkened and defined brows can appear harsh and even make the blonde locks look a little (shocker) fake.

I see the occasional fair maiden, with perfectly shaped light brows, groomed and yet natural and wonder how she got them. No obvious pencilling or dramatic up-brushing. Scandinavian genetics may be the answer more often than not, but I have an over-the-counter option for those outside the arctic circle.  Hourglass Arch Brow Volumising Fiber Gel.

In clear or ‘blonde’ the pigment is light enough to not give us “angry brow” and the perfect amount of gloop seems to come out of the wand – a Goldilocks distribution of “just enough”. Lagom, for the Swedes amongst us. No more wiping the wand pre-application for excess product, nor frantically brushing through the brows post swipe. And let’s talk about the wand, this brilliant little idea that actually worked out (was anyone else as skeptical as I was?) One side the bristles are more sparse, and give a seriously light application of product and quick ‘tidy’ – perfect for a quick brush through, a light tame, the ultimate no-makeup look, then there’s the other traditional brow gel wand, that offers a little more product for more definition, more colour, more hold. Used together or separately, it’s a dream.

The end result isn’t crispy or crunchy, a slight texture sure but something’s gotta stick those wandering little hairs down. This is truly the most natural and easy to apply brow-mascara-gel-magic-wand I’ve come across. There are plenty of shades for brunettes, and as always with Hourglass, the packaging is a little piece of weighty, slimline, luxe-feeling perfection. 

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