The most dreaded word ever spoken: Discontinued

Do you have a doomsday stash of your favourite beauty products? The fear of discontinuation is real – even more so after the loss of Eve Lom’s beautiful tinted moisturiser.

Makeup - Tinted Moisturiser

I was unsure whether to even post this, for fear of a rebellion, an uprising, of makeup mahem breaking out on the streets or the feeds of Instagram. Too far? Ok I got carried away. But before you get excited by the promise of tinted-moisturiser perfection, this is discontinued folks. Not available in stores, not stocked online, totally 100% positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead. Sorry – channeling my inner mayor of munchkin city a la Wizard of Oz there. And I have a bone to pick with Eve Lom.

I considered staying quiet, huffing and puffing and letting it go, while taking myself off to the beauty shops to test out alternatives. But here’s the thing (cue the review), I love this tinted moisturizer. It’s everything a tinted moisturizer should be, and I believe, was back in the day when my mum used to buy one from the Lancôme counter many moons ago before they became all BB and CC and chalky drying messes. Eve Lom had managed to bring back a beautiful creamy, hydrating moisturizer with a wonderful skintone-matching tint that gave the perfect amount of something something to disguise my redness, add a wash of glowy luminosity and all while keeping my skin fresh and plump day-long.

Did I mention the beautiful and perfectly practical packaging? A tube with a precision-perfect nib and luxe gold lid. So what did Eve Lom go and do after this little stroke of Yass Queen style brilliance? That’s right, she discontinued it. The D-word long feared by makeup lovers and women worldwide. It’s about as hard to get an answer out of a BBB (big beauty brand) as blood from a stone – never was much for that analogy – but I figured, let’s give them a chance. Maybe if we all came together, in calm multi-like, multi-share, tag-frenzy Instagram protest style, and asked the BBB’s straight up, why our fave products have been lost to discontinuation – we may get some answers and solace to our despair, and maybe – just maybe, someone amongst us may get their beauty wish granted and their product re-launched. Oh I have a dream. So rise up, makeup lovers, tag the big beauty brand who’s product you’ve loved and lost, let’s invite them to the table in a direct discussion with their customers, and stop the discontinuation despair once and for all. Side note: if anyone else out there is missing the Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturizer as much as me, please join us, join us, comment below and maybe we can be all Captain Planet and have our forces combine to get this beauty re-launched and back on our faces. That, or arrange some high level corporate espionage to steal the formula and re-brand…Who’s with me? You listening, Eve?