Magic Hour with Jones Road Beauty

Subtle fairy-dust sparkle or high shine glitterati. Jones Road eye products are bringing some much needed light to 2021.

Cream Eyeshadow - Glitter - Makeup - Mascara

Analytics are a funny thing. I’m not someone who pours over graphs and statistics but it does amaze me to occasionally scan over the stats of this blog. I marvel at the near and far places you all come from and am often surprised by which posts receive the most interest. It’s always a buzz to see people – you – actually here, reading. Come over to Instagram, join us. The last time I peeked into these analytics I was not at all surprised to see that this article on Jones Road Beauty remains one of the most visited. I found myself eyebrows raised, slow-nodding along with you – I’m a JR fan too.

With the range quickly expanding since my first impressions – skincare review coming soon – I thought I better get caught up on all that is new with Jones Road Beauty. Let’s talk eye makeup. Bobbi and her team just get it so right…


I first met Just A Sec late last year as part of the Starter Kit and we’ve hardly spent a day apart since. While Golden Peach is gorgeous, Linen is my go-to.  This little pot of brightening, ever-so-fine gold sparkle is an effortless way to add a little something to my eyes without any effort. I just smush my finger into the little pot of marshmallow and press & swipe it over my eyelid.  It’s barely there – but it’s there.  The white gold flecks within Linen just catch the light without the heaviness of an obvious base colour. It knocks back any redness or blue veins and makes me feel pretty. What else is there?

You could go heavier on the application and amp these up, but I prefer to keep Just A Sec for a subtle affair. Pewter is my go-to for evenings or days when I’m just wanting a little more. It’s a silver sparkle within a greyish taupe base colour. 

Bronze is rich and gorgeous, if a little more amber hued than what I reach for day to day. As with all Jones Road Beauty products, I quickly got hooked on the ease and wearability of the Just A Sec formula and a re-order wasn’t far away. Icy Pink and Topaz will join the party shortly. 


You can apply Just A Sec along on bare lids, as I do, or layer it as an eyeshadow “topper” for a little extra dimension and sparkle.  Fans of minimalist makeup and a natural look will gravitate towards this formula but if you’re a full-face, bold look kind of girl, you might want to hold off for the powder eyeshadows debuting later. 

For a break between glitters, I want to reinstate a little love for The Mascara. It’s been a good couple of months since my first brush with this mascara wand and I can now happily say it’s become an everyday staple. And I am fussy when it comes to mascara. I do tend to dab the excess from the brush tip onto the back of my hand before application but I’m ok with this extra step for the fluttery, separated lash result. I’ve even become accustomed to the oversized, curved brush (no more cotton bud clean-up required). It earns extra points for leaving my lashes really soft, and somehow doesn’t transfer under my eyes. Magic. 


I was sold on Sparkle Wash as soon as I read the tagline: magic hour for the eyes. 

Magic hour for the eyes? Er, yes please. Marketing magic aside, this liquid glitter eyeshadow is modern day sparkle done right. If Just A Sec is just a bit too subtle for you, Sparkle Wash turns it up. Shimmering glitter particles are suspended in a non-sticky, thin gel that doesn’t feel gloopy or heavy on the lids. 

Applied lightly – smear the doe-foot applicator onto the back of your hand and then press onto lids with a fingertip – and you have an understated wash of daytime sparkle. Or go full intensity by applying directly to the lids and achieve wet-look, twinkling shine. It’s just so easy. Put down those palettes of loose, chunky glitters that fall all over your face and irritate the eyes, and say goodbye to glitter glue. 

If you’re a lover of Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow you’ll find affinity with Sparkle Wash, and fans of Linda Hallberg’s cult Interstellar may draw some slight comparisons. But as with all Jones Road products, there is a feeling of difference. Where some liquid glitters feel heavy or goopy to wear, Sparkle Wash is comfortable and forgotten once applied. The colour sets down so that even with an accidental eye rub your makeup remains intact. While some glitters feel chunky, these little flecks are so small they add only a luminosity and brilliance. And while some glitter is fit solely for Mardi Gras, Sparkle Wash is daytime and workplace friendly.  


Available in just five shades, I love that the curation of colours has already been done for you. Everything about Jones Road is edited, considered, and simplified.

Ice; a frosty silver with a hint of lilac-blue, is not as scarily white as it looks in the tube. Then there’s Midas; an absolute favourite and the perfect gold that fair skin tones won’t find too orange. Bronze is another firm favourite that doesn’t show too copper on the lids, and the novel Cool Pink for when you want a little something extra. It’s not a pink that makes your eyes look tired or sick, but a pretty shade with the slightest touch of unicorn vibes. I’m not feeling the return of 80’s makeup vibes as much as my Instagram Explore feed, so this is the colour getting the least attention from me.

Intentionally saved to last, there’s So Pretty. Do I need to even describe this colour? The perfect taupe – a greyish, silvery brown – So Pretty is effortless makeup femininity. Amp it up for a nighttime smokey eye, or run a thin swipe along the lash line for some daytime cool. It’s so (damn) pretty.

You don’t need the whole set of colours, but I’ve been enjoying using different shades for different days and moods. Cool Pink comes out for some girly femininity and makeup play on a sunny day and Bronze on a night out – a rare occasion as we tiptoe into 2021 in Ugg boots and face masks. Midas is my everyday brightening sparkle that would look good on everyone, but So Pretty has to be my pick if you’re narrowing down the shopping list. 


As with all Jones Road Beauty products these eyeshadow formulas and colours are accessible and easy to wear, and there’s something for everyone. Everyone that likes sparkle, that is. They’ll boost your mood while dressing down in your lockdown loungewear and have you standing a little taller when you’re out on the townConsider this your wardrobe of sparkle. Thanks Jones Road for bringing the glitter and brightening up the start of 2021. 

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