This little digital space is to put beauty on the front page – above the fold.

This blog was born from my love of two things: beauty and writing.

Above the fold is a term used to describe the upper half of the front page of a newspaper where an important story or photograph is often located. So often beauty is seen as trivial, an interest in vanity, and merely about your outward appearance, but we understand that beauty can be transformative, inspiring, powerful. This little digital space is to put beauty on the front page, above the fold.

What started as a desire to provide honest makeup and skincare reviews to inform, not influence, your purchases or passion has grown into a collective space for reviews, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty and self-care.  I believe that whether you spend five or forty-five minutes doing your makeup, or performing your skincare regime, that that time is an important moment just for you. It is not vanity, it is self-nurturing. Beauty and skincare application is a ritual and a time to give to yourself; whether it’s massaging in your face cream, or swiping on a lipstick, these products can be confidence-building, a creative outlet, and even your own war paint. 

The beauty industry is vast and growing daily, but this is a simplified space where you can easily find honest reviews and we can all share in our love of beauty.