When all you need is one little Chanel pencil

Every travel beauty bag needs one hero product that can create an effortless eye-look in a pinch, or when your luggage gets lost.

Eyeliner - Eyeshadow - Makeup

The Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour crayon is the treasure you want with you, somewhere at the bottom of your handbag, when you arrive at your destination airport and your main luggage, including the carefully curated toiletries bag, is not on the carousel.  Not in the sad little room for lost luggage, not lying stray and lonely in the arrivals terminal, missing. 

Oh the joys of travelling.  Most women have a random selection of beauty products floating around in their handbag to make a look work should they be left luggage-less, have a spontaneous after-work invitation requiring an end-of-day touchup, or wake up somewhere that they, and their makeup bag do not live. No judgement.

In these scenarios, and in your usual morning beauty routine, the Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour (Eyeshadow – Liner – Khol) is nifty. These slimline crayons, come sharpened to a point, with a twist-up mechanism, and a tip sharpener on one end. No brushes required, the textures are waxy and creamy at once, smudgable with fingers and come in lovely, and lively, neutrals like these two pictured: 228 Vague and 224 Metallic Flash. The former is a bronzey taupe, the latter a smokey grey-pewter, and both with teeny tiny micro sparkles to bring life and whimsy.

You can use theses as an easy, soft eyeliner, or as I often do, a rapid cream eyeshadow look.  I like to haphazardly swipe on the crayon starting at the lash line and drawing halfway up to the socket, and then smudge up to diffuse and cover the entire lid.  Slap on your mascara and you’ll look like you’ve spent far longer on your eye makeup than anyone needs know.  One thing to note: don’t wait around if you plan to smudge these as once they set down, they’re long lasting and won’t be going anywhere – unlike your missing luggage that’s no doubt spinning away on a carousel in Amsterdam.