Westman Atelier

There’s a new brand of beautiful in the makeup world and it’s name is Westman Atelier. Stunning packaging, skin-friendly formulas, and all created by Jennifer Aniston’s makeup artist.

Base - Blush - Bronzer - Cream Blush - Cream Bronzer - Highlighter

One of the first things I learnt about Westman Atelier makeup, is that its founder Gucci Westman created this makeup to be good for the skin. That might sound unremarkable to some, but it always surprises me how much people will spend on their skincare products and treatments, only to then cover it in makeup – especially base products – which cause irritation. As someone who herself struggles with rosacea, it seems Gucci posed (and answered) the question – why can’t our makeup soothe skin rather than inflame, while also looking good?

Incorporating nourishing ingredients like coconut, jojoba and camellia seed oils, the range is free of parbens, sulphates, and mineral oils. The foundation in particular has been developed to target redness, inflammation, and improve long-term hydration – and it all obviously looks very cool. 

This is a small collection, which I personally find refreshing and easy to navigate. There will no doubt be future additions to the line, a mascara has just recently launched as has an additional blush and highlighter shade, but at it’s core it seems to represent glowing, natural, healthy skin. The Vital Skin Foundation is a creamy stick foundation that blends effortlessly and truly gives a skin-like finish. While Gucci advises that women should have at least two or three foundation shades to naturally bring dimension to the face, I have been using one single shade and find it applies and wears beautifully – those car rear-vision-mirror glances were frequent, let me tell you.

One of my favourite products from the line, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, is the Face Trace Contour Stick in Biscuit – currently the only shade available. This creamy stick product is a great contour shade on my complexion, a perfect greyish-brown to run over the cheekbones and temples. In a pinch, I also use this as a bronzer, despite there being a separate powder product available – the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer – which I find a touch warm for my skin tone but definitely screams California Glow.

Speaking of glow, the Lit Up Highlight Stick is a pretty versatile product within this tight line. I’ve seen it suggested as a primer, to add glow from within, as a lip balm, as an eyebrow gel, or as your traditional post-foundation cheekbone highlighter. I love these balmy highlighters; they’re the most natural way to add light and dimension to your face without a hint of glitter or sparkle. However, this isn’t completely clear in the way that the Chanel Baume Essential Transparent is, and does have a slight violet-pink unicorn shift. There are two other highlighting options, in the form of Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter – one peachy, one bronzy. These products, and their little pan-pot packaging are beautiful. I’m hanging out for Gucci to produce a pearly-champagne, fair-skinned option for us pale girls.

Lastly, the Baby Cheeks Blush Sticks. I love a cream blush, and put it in stick-form and I’ll love it even more. Five shades have been released so far, ranging from a nude peach to a vibrant, fuchsia pink. Minette is my current favourite – a summery coral peach that leans more pink on my skin tone, but unlike the others it does contain fine shimmers. Petal is a crowd-pleasing dusty rose, and Poppet a bright, pop of hot pink.

If you’re interested in this line, my first picks to check out are the foundation and contour sticks, which really work to what Gucci’s look is all about – glowy, bronzy, healthy and perfected skin. As in-demand as a makeup artist as she is as makeup creator, you only have to look to some of her most well known clients – Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon – as a guide for the Westman Atelier look. Effortless, youthful, clean and luxurious, Westman Atelier is no doubt pricey but perhaps finally it’s worth splashing out not only on your skincare, but on your makeup too.