Vita Liberata and why I’m sending “Leg Selfies”

If you like your face glowy and your body bronzed and perfected, read on. 

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Vita Liberata’s Beauty Blur (the face one) is a skin tint/primer/illuminator that you can use before or instead of foundation.  It won’t so much give coverage, but it will even out your skin tone, disguise redness and blemishes, while adding a hint of colour and some serious amounts of dewy glow.  You only need a pea-size amount of product to spread across the face, it comes in a few different shades (I like Latte Light) and is housed in a friendly pump action tube. 

My only niggle is that when I use this on top of certain moisturisers, it does that annoying pilling thing near my ears and hairline where I have a little peach fuzz (and no, I don’t want to hear about epiblading).  For the most part, I use this alone, sans foundation, for no-makeup makeup and for the most part am a big fan. 

Body Blur is, unsurprisingly, the body version and I’m just going to put it out there –  this contains some serious voodoo magic.  If you’ve just bought this, just go and put it on one leg and then compare your legs next to each other.  It’s crazy.  I did this, and sent a leg selfie to my sister for shock value.  Yep, she was shocked, and so am I every single time I use this. 

It blurs imperfections, illuminates, and adds some colour so you look sun kissed but not fake-tan heavy.  I’ve heard it described as foundation for your body, but it doesn’t feel like foundation.  In fact once it’s rubbed in you don’t feel it at all.  If you’re wearing white you may get a tiny bit of transfer around some areas but generally it dries down to nothing.  If you have bruises or veins or ingrown hairs this does wonders at disguising (not covering), and for just normal old blotchy skin it blurs the appearance so that you feel short-skirt-ready.  Voodoo magic, I’m telling you.  I bought the ‘Sunless Glow’ version that contains a gradual self tan, but my only gripe with this product is the slight smell – you know that horrid fake tan whiff.  I’m hoping the regular version is free of the ugly-tan-smell otherwise this fragrance really needs an overhaul.  You apply it with a mitt or by hand (just wash your hands well afterwards) and trust me; one use and you’ll be sending round leg selfies too.  

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