Tom Ford Eyecolour Quad

And in comes yet another bronze eyeshadow palette to my life, but this one feels a little special.

Eyeshadow - Makeup

I like to discover new products from the entire spectrum of the price list – there is no greater thrill than seeking out a budget cult beauty buy that is a makeup artist’s secret weapon. But while pharmacy brands are worth their weight in mascaras and nail polishes, luxury beauty is a treat like no other.

Tom Ford make some of my most coveted makeup. I love the Traceless foundation stick, enjoy the cream eyeshadows, feel super luxe when pulling out their square-edged lipsticks, and these eyeshadow quads are equally as desirable.

Of all the excellent shade options available I took home Nude Dip not because I saw both Mary Greenwell and Sali Hughes rave about it, but because a natural bronzey eyeshadow palette is for me always going to be the most loved and most used. I love a lilac eye as much as the next 80’s baby, but more often than not, I’m reaching for a nude.

This palette can be used both wet or dry; the latter being my preference. The lightest shade is a shimmery champagne gold of the most beautiful tone – not too yellow and not too white. Then a minky copper, a beautiful grey-taupe, and a deeper brown that is neither flat nor overly shimmery.  These tones together just epitomise elegant glamour and luxury to me, and while my heart tells me to keep this treasure away for special nights out, my head screams at me to use it daily, for it is just as flattering for a day look as evening.

If you’re looking to invest in luxury makeup, and want something wearable and covetable, take a peek at this the next time you’re roaming the department store beauty halls.

Find Tom Ford at  Sephora