The Surratt Relevée Lash Curler

Is this curler going to change your life? It will definitely change your lashes.

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When I saw the price tag of Surratt’s Relevée Lash Curler my eyebrow involuntarily raised itself – how was this (admittedly stylish) black eyelash curler going to lift my lashes any better than it’s budget cousin currently in my makeup bag? I was skeptical.

Many moons later, the Surratt curler is in my hands (and clenching my lashes) every morning, every day of the week.

No, it’s not life changing, and a cheaper alternative is going to perform perfectly well. In fact, in my opinion your money is just as well (if not better) spent on a high performing mascara – if it’s to be one or the other. However, if your budget permits it, or you’re dissatisfied with your current curler, or find that nothing helps your straight lashes, this curler is different to others I’ve used in both its design and results. The Relevée is noticeably wider and the curve more elongated, which takes a little getting used to when first pressing it against your lids. However, I soon found it comfortable – and more gentle – against my lashes and the curled effect to be natural and long lasting. I’m talking less kink, and a more fanned out lash line.

Naturally, we all have different shaped eyes and some users will find this fits perfectly while others (especially those with particularly small eyes) may find it too large. I find that it’s wider shape ensures all of my lashes are curled at once, rather than leaving any of those pesky stray straight fellas on one end. The Relevée also feels more gentle on my lashes, and on my fingers, compared to some that you have to squeeze with alarming strength.

I’m currently onto my curler’s replacement rubber pad, which came as a spare with my original purchase. A niggling criticism is the lack of availability of future replacements at my retail point of sale. In fact, while these are available directly from the Surratt website ($10 for 5 pads), shipping is only available within the US. Once my back-up is worn or split, the curler is effectively useless and demands re-purchase – an obvious downside for both bank balance, and the sustainability conscious. My reach-out to Surratt’s customer service regarding further replacements disappointingly went unanswered, while a separate stockist advised that replacement pads are unavailable for purchase.

The Relevée is a luxury eyelash curler, and it is presented beautifully as you would expect. Stylish black outer box, a plush soft bag to keep your curler safe or to travel with, and like all Surratt products it just looks good. But ultimately its performance is the sole reason that it’s become a staple in my makeup routine. Well-curled lashes open the eyes, awaken the face and combined with a coat of mascara make an obvious impact to your makeup look. I might have to give it’s budget cousin another audition once mine is at the end of its life, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be a repurchase for the Relevée.

Find Surratt at Mecca Cosmetica or the Surratt website.