The search for the perfect concealer

Cover my imperfections, look invisible, be good for my skin – and come beautifully packaged. The search for the perfect concealer continues…

Concealer - Makeup

Concealer is like the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me; no matter how many great ones I’ve tried, I keep searching for that elusive pot of perfection. There are so many good concealers on the market compared to days gone by. Yet why is it we so soften finish one only to buy a completely different product next? Surely if it was doing its job – covering spots or darkness, not caking, brightening, lasting all day – that would be it for life, job done. Well, sorry Bobbi Brown, job not done. My search continues. 

These are the 3 concealers in my current rotation, used for different reasons or moods. RMS Uncover-up is a creamy, low coverage, effortless kind of concealer. No, it doesn’t cover the world, but it gives you a little lift when you’re trying to pull off the “I don’t even wear makeup” look. Day to day, I’m loving it.

When I’ve had a sleepless night, or I want to amp up the makeup for the evening, I’ll add in some of the creamy but high-coverage Nars Soft Matte Complete concealer. How can something be creamy and matte you ask? No idea, but this is! It’s a crazy new texture I haven’t tried before but offers great coverage, doesn’t look dry and really perfects the skin. I’d say its more suited to other areas of the face than than under-eyes, given the lack of radiance, but if my skin is well prepped and hydrated this really helps hide the darkness. A great one too for touching up at the end of the day if your cheeks are a little red, or your foundation has faded in spots.

Chantecaille’s Le Camouflage Stylo by contrast, is another low coverage formula that’s beautifully hydrating. I reach for this when my skin is dry or sensitive. It’s also what I keep in my ‘on the go’ makeup bag because it’s pen form and brush applicator make it extremely portable, and it layers well at the end of a work day for a little pick me up. The pink undertones of shade 2 work particularly well at neutralising the bluey purple under my eyes.  Those who like YSL touch éclat will love this.

Are these three concealers going to stop me from searching for something better? Well who can resist the idea that maybe there’s something yet to be discovered that will banish under-eye circles entirely, be invisible on the skin, hydrate and never crease, come beautifully packaged, and last 36 hours…you know…that pot of gold thing. 

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