The most wanted eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette I didn’t actually want ended up being the most wanted palette of the year.

Eyeshadow - Makeup

Is this the most wait-listed product of the last decade? The NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette was so hard to get my hands on that I actually felt privileged to be holding it, as though I was one of the lucky ones – a real Golden Ticket moment for Charlie & The Chocolate factory fans out there. It’s funny because I didn’t actually want this when I first saw it being swatched and paraded on YouTube.  The colours seemed a little warm, a few too many burnt reds for my taste and I was happy for this to be one that got away. What happened? I think it was a video from Victoria (@inthefrow) pressing on the sparkle shade (bottom left) and that was it – sign me up.  I mean, who can resist a sparkle?

Now weeks on, it has to be said that there are at least 3 shades that I am just never going to use. Yes, I do feel the required shame and guilt in admitting that but in every palette there’s the inevitable sacrificial lambs.  While burnt red eyeshadow does nothing for me, there’s insta-millions out there who are fawning over it, and for colour pay-off these eyeshadows really are superb.  Personally, it’s the creamy taupes and warm bronzer-browns that I’ve been enjoying the most, finding that the top three left shades produce lovely daytime champagne lids that can be amped up with the deeper browns for the evening.  It’s a versatile palette with a great mirror, sleek compact design and a handy black shade – because everyone needs a liner.  This palette might’ve started on my unwanted list but it’s firmly earned its place in the wanted column for 2018. Sorry wait list, mine’s not ending up on eBay. 

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