The most covetable face palette

When it comes to face powder palettes, Hourglass take out the Most Beautiful title every. single. year.

Blush - Bronzer - Glow - Highlighter - Makeup - Powder

In the lead-up to Christmas each year, beauty brands release what they hope will be best selling, most wanted, extremely giftable, new products. In my mind when comparing the December releases, there can only ever be one true winner.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palettes are the most beautiful, most covetable palettes you’ll come across. Not only do they look beautiful, these palettes of six face powders are some of the most flattering and wearable powders out there.

Generally containing a mix of blushes, bronzers, ambient lighting finishing powders, and highlighters, you can do a whole face makeup look with this one palette making it a great one to travel with over the holiday period. The Hourglass bronzing powders are some of the most flattering, and also look effortlessly lovely used as an eyeshadow. The blushes are highly pigmented and gorgeously toned, while the ambient lighting finishing powders give such a beautiful luminosity to the skin.

Each year when these palettes are released, two things also happen: they begin appearing on blogs and Instagram feeds worldwide and become instant sell-outs – so get yours early if you’re keen, but they also cop their fair share of criticism for being overpriced for the product provided. Yes, the individual pans are smaller in size to a full product but you’re buying the convenience and beauty of having six in one palette. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to try out a number of colours that perhaps you would not have bought in full size. The pans are on the small side for swirling a big fluffy brush though, but I find it perfectly useable without too much worry of picking up the neighbouring colours.

If you’ve never tried Hourglass face powders before, I highly recommend you give them a go. The Ambient Lighting Palette which contains three face powders is a great one to start with, lasts an incredible amount of time and gives the complexion glow and warmth in some magically invisible way. Until next Christmas, Hourglass…

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