The luxury of a Chanel bronzer

Is there anything that epitomises glamour, luxury and beauty like Chanel?

Bronzer - Makeup

This bronzing powder has to be one of the most beautiful products on the market this season.  The multi-hued layers of powdery pigment are kept covered by a cute little white-haired brush that I’ll no doubt never use because a) I want to keep it pristine and b) I like my bronzer brushes big, round and fluffy. 

It seems sinful to even whisper a negative word about anything Chanel, like burning a flag or bashing the bible but I’m just going to risk the flames and say it:  I was a tad disappointed with this bronzer.  BUT, now watch me backtrack, it’s not Chanel’s fault – it’s mine.  I got swept away by the pretty pink lines in Shade 1 that I bought the lightest option without even considering the other two available, or my post-holiday skin tone.  Let’s blame the duty-free haze and in-transit sleep deprivation, not Chanel.  On my wintery-white complexion this bronzer would work; it would give a touch of warmth and add a healthy, rosy flush.  Sadly, it’s just a bit too wishy washy on my skin right now.  To reach some noticeable difference to my skin tone I end up having to apply this so heavily that it looks over-powdered and matte.  True porcelain complexions would adore this shade, it’s natural and never orange nor flat thanks to it’s multi-hued design.  In fact, if you love the depth of colour that The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer gives you, but want to up the luxe appeal, this is a winner.

I’ll be storing this lovely smelling (random but true) bronzer away for winter days when I want more spring blush than beach bronze, and silently cursing myself for not choosing a deeper shade.  It’s my fault, never Chanel’s.