The Lipstick Theory and a Tom Ford Treat

The recession-proof beauty product. Sometimes a girl just needs a new lipstick.

Lip Pencil - Lipstick - Makeup

The lipstick theory. If you’re in the mood for some interesting reading, have a google about the lipstick effect, or the lipstick theory. The basis is that following a crisis, in modern times it might be a terrorist attack or an economic downfall or recession, the sales of lipsticks increase. There are varying theories as to why this might be, and if it is in fact accurate, but most women know one thing to be true: If you’re feeling a little down, a new lipstick can perk you up. Yes, when pennies are tight you might hold back on a high-price luxury item or keep the same clothes in your wardrobe for another season, but a new lipstick can be an justafiable, if still a little extravagant, treat. An affordable luxury, they say.

Perhaps it’s the makeup equivalent of a new hair style following a break up. Or perhaps sometimes a girl just needs a new lipstick.

What better treat is there than a lipstick from a much-loved brand like Chanel, Lancome, or Tom Ford? There’s something about a department store classic. Sure, new brands have their novel packaging, their on-trend shades, glossy one year, matte the next. But classic houses like Chanel remain on a pedestal year after year, and there is nothing more uplifting that opening a brand new, pristine lipstick.

Lipstick theory or not, I recently succumbed to the allure of a Tom Ford lipstick. It was an impulse without any prior shade research, no knowledge into what was new or on trend. I wanted something pink, sixties pink, and I walked away with 66 Paper Doll. 

Tom Ford lipsticks are rich, creamy, saturated colours – but also some of the most expensive on the market. I’m not sure affordable luxury is what I’d call them. The shade range is extensive and Paper Doll is a light, slightly more pastel than I intended, pink colour that is both feminine and easy to wear. Tom Ford lipsticks have that delicious, slightly cake-like fragrance and flavour that only add to the sense that you are treating yourself to something special. With the sleek, gold-edged case, this is a makeup product you’ll be happy to pull out and apply in public.

Whether I’m merely a victim to the lipstick theory or just a make-up lover, I’ll be buying new lipsticks in both good times and bad. We all deserve a little treat after all.

Let me know on Instagram which lipsticks you’ve succumbed to recently.