The glowy primer everyone loves

Love love love me an illuminating base product.  Hate hate hate the price tag on Sisley products. 

Base - Highlighter - Makeup - Primer

Sisley seem to work on the saying that “you get what you pay for” because you really do pay a hefty price for great products from this brand.  Sisley make my favourite-ever facial fake tan and they are now stepping on the toes of my favourite primers.  If you like glow; the kind that is subtle, like your skin is dewier and, to use the most irritating cosmetics term of the decade “lit from within”, then you’ll like this.  While the tube is horrifyingly small for the price, this peachy toned primer does give a beautiful, natural glow to the face.  It does have a slightly ‘filmy’ or ‘silicony’ feel on application but nothing as severe as, say, the Hourglass Veil primer, and mostly this feels hydrating and lush.  Also be aware the product is quite thin, so it tends to rush out of the tube liberally like you’re made of money. 

As soon as I used this I was reminded of something that feels very similar; Lumene’s Invisible Illumination Instant Glow UV Primer.  While that one contains an SPF, the texture, feel and level of glow are very similar and it’s a good substitute at a lower price point.  Will I be using this all up and cutting up the tube for the scraps? Yes.  Whether I will be repurchasing ultimately comes down to how pinched the pennies are – or when Sisley have their gift with purchase beauty bags on offer.  

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