The palette making natural eyes exciting again

Never have natural eyes been so much fun.

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Public service announcement: if you think you’re too old for Too Faced products, you’re not.  Try them. 

I thought early 20s was clearly the cut off for Two Faced makeup, thanks to their cutesy love heart marketing but listen up folks, this is makeup for the 30s girls too – and beyond. You’d hope so too, given they name their shades things like Sexpresso and Striptease.  I picked up this palette because it’s rare to find a set of eyeshadows in natural tones that are also fun.  More often the palette will have the standard beige base colour, a dull looking matte brown and a selection of deeper browns that look chalky and uninspiring.  This palette, by contrast, is oozing fun and glamour from the gorgeous pink casing to the glam gold interior.

There is no getting around the fact that this is heavily scened of coconutty-chocolatey goodness, which, is borderline unbearable if using when hungover, but otherwise a delight.

The shades are a mix of mattes and shimmers, in gorgeous pinky coppers, silvery browns and warm golden chocolate hues. The token beige is a really excellent base colour with enough cover to really neutralise the lid of use alone with liner for that 60s vibe.  But the most important thing to note when I swept my brush into the first colour – wow – these eyeshadows come on strong.  No dipping away in the palette trying to pick up more pigment, no wishy-washy lids, these really pack a punch and give an incredible eye look with very little effort.  The deep browns are really interesting, especially Erotica with its silver speckle particles and the classic brown Striptease is a great warm-toned brown that meets the current trend. 

Best of all there is not that one ‘crazy’ shade that you’re just never going to use, which often makes the purchasing of a palette seem wasteful.  This set is so versatile and user-friendly for both everyday and evening looks, and creates – aptly named – natural eyes that are anything but boring.  Highly recommend.  

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