The most in-demand lipsticks: Lisa Eldridge pinks

Lisa Eldridge Summer Pinks are here. Bow down to the Queen of the Limited Edition launch.

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If you’ve been living under a make-up free rock for the last twelve months and haven’t heard about Lisa Eldridge lipsticks, it’s worth taking a trip back to her first release – the True Velvet red collection – where it all began.

Fellow lipstick queen, Poppy King, once said that, “To be a lipstick queen is not about wearing red lipstick, but being ready to take on the world” and nothing could be more true for Lisa Eldridge. Following the success of the swiftly sold-out reds, Lisa has again wowed with her Summer Pinks collection – four unique pink lipsticks in two different textures – and proven she is well and truly taking on the world.

With the pandemonium and utter frenzy that came with their release, there was the unfortunate shipping kerfuffle that meant minor delays and I’m sure severe stress for Lisa and her team, who worked tirelessly to remedy the issue and respond to feedback. It’s worthy of mention that this collection is a personal feat for Lisa – there is no Lauder finely printed on her boxes – and the commitment and passion that she showed during this time in replying personally to her customers was truly unique. Amongst an industry of corporations and big business, it’s an isolated treat have such a connection to the creator behind your makeup, to support a woman taking on the world, and see the passion behind the brand thanks to Instagram and Youtube. 

Those who were lucky enough to get hold of one of the True Velvet lipsticks will recognise the same, brassy gold packaging that houses these pink bullets. Beautiful to hold, and use, with magnetic closure and monogrammed lids, these pink lipsticks seemed to sell out in mere moments but Lisa has assured us that they’ll be back.

Go Lightly caused me the most ‘keyboard frenzy’ during checkout; it’s name being a likely hint to Audrey Hepburn’s famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s character. Lisa has revealed that she bid for, and won, Audrey’s Cartier lipstick holder at auction in late 2017. She discovered, and shared with her Youtube viewers, that the holder actually contained the remnants of Audrey’s own lipstick. Whether or not this is the shade worn by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s remains a mystery. Lisa has chosen to remain silent on the specific brand and shade, but her lipstick release Go Lightly appears to be her own unique and re-formulated take on Audrey’s.

As the closest we may ever ever get to Audrey Hepburn’s lipstick, Go Lightly is described as “a light, vibrant salmon pink semi sheer lipstick” with “pastel undertone”.  This lipstick, which appears bright coral in the bullet, seems to look different on just about everyone’s lips.  On mine, it definitely shows more coral than salmon pink, and is bright and punchy. The texture is balmy and luscious to apply. The aptly named Luxuriously Lucent Lip Colours are a more luminous than simply glossy finish. I personally favour a hydrating, high-shine lip compared to the mattes so this was always going to be a favourite for me. It definitely doesn’t fall short in colour pay off – this is not a tinted balm but a pigmented, balmy lipstick.

Love Of My Life, in the same lucent formula, is described as a “medium true ‘Rosy Pink’ semi sheer lipstick – not too blue, not too red”. When talking about rose-coloured lipsticks in the past, I have found that everyone’s version of rose is different. While for some it is a dusty, muted mauve pink, others see rose as a light, baby pink. Classifying colour is tricky business. On my lips, this is quite a blue-pink. It has more of a pop of colour than what I would traditionally call rose pink. It’s a girly and feminine shade – if Go Lightly is my summer shade, Love Of My Life will be the perfect spring time pink.

The two demi-mattes make up the remainder of the summer pink collection. Both extremely popular, Rainbow Spill is a “bright, red/coral watermelon pink with a muted neon edge” while Skyscraper Rose is “an electrically modern fuchsia pink”. Both incredibly vibrant and lively, these are beautiful statement-lip lipsticks that, once applied, feel like nothing on the lips. They’re weightless and although undeniably matte, they don’t feel drying or overly powdery.

As we await a re-stock of these lipsticks, rumours are starting to swirl about what new Lisa Eldridge lipsticks might be released next. Perhaps nudes, perhaps autumnal berry tones? With two such unique and special collections already it seems impossible to predict what is to come from this new lipstick queen. Whatever they are, it seems undoubtedly fair to say that they will be instant hits.

See the Summer Pinks collection on Youtube

Keep an eye out for the next release of Lisa Eldridge lipsticks on her website.