The CEO of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C serums can be sticky, scent-y and a chore to apply. I took Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley head-to-head.

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If you’re looking to add one step to a basic skincare regime, or thinking or swapping up your serums, a great inclusion is a topical Vitamin C product. Generally in serum form, Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant that acts as a layer of defence for your skin against free radicals that can cause damage and speed up the signs of ageing – think fine lines, wrinkles, age spots. Furthermore, Vitamin C is said to boost collagen production and even help minimise the appearance of those dark spots you might be starting to see, while improving the skin texture and general radiance. All good things.

The stickler (pun very much intended), however, is many of the Vitamin C products I have tried in the past have been sticky, heavily fragranced, and difficult to spread over the face.  Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is the most pleasing Vitamin C product to apply that I’ve come across. In terms of texture, it’s more like a lotion than a traditional serum, and while the unmistakable orange scent is there, it’s without the stickiness of other varieties. If the reason you’ve stayed clear of Vitamin C until now is the texture – I urge you to get a sample of this one. My other products and makeup apply well over it, and despite those emails, Sunday Riley generally has a cult of loyal followers who stand by their products.

I gave Drunk Elephant’s Vitamin C offering a fair test too, as they seem to be toe-to-toe in popularity. While I loved the airtight twist-up packaging, the texture is completely different – very traditional serum-esque, and I found a great discrepancy between batches. One bottle I used was a light yellow colour, the next a deep orange, and the scent varied between the two causing me to question the stability and best-before longevity of the formula. Mostly however, the application simply wasn’t as easy – the Sunday Riley just blends over the skin so effortlessly.

Ultimately, any skincare you’re using with the hope of active change and improvement in your skin needs to be followed regularly. If a product’s texture, fragrance, or delivery system prevents you from using it diligently you’re never going to see results. Since I purchased Sunday Riley’s C.E.O I have used it every morning without fail, as I’ve found it a simple, effortless addition to my routine. With that, I believe, comes the best chance of seeing a long term difference in my complexion. While undoubtedly expensive, it you’re looking for a first start in Vitamin C I have no qualms in recommending this. Once my bottle is finished, I may well look into higher strength, more active options of topical Vitamin C because this ingredient is definitely one I want keep in my routine.

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