Surratt’s pretty Perfectionniste Concealer Palette

Incredibly Instagram-friendly and high performing, this concealer needs more attention than it’s getting.

Concealer - Corrector - Makeup

There are some products that are just beautiful to look at; a Tom Ford giant bronzing powder compact, a Lisa Eldridge lipstick bullet, anything from Hourglass, and then there’s the Surratt Perfectionniste Concealer Palette. Luckily for me, it’s as nice to use as it is to look at.

If there was one thing I would urge you to do before purchasing this concealer palette, it is to test it out in person. I say this only in terms of shade matching because the colour to look at in-palette is quite different to what ended up on my skin. I went with Shade 1 for fair to light skin tones, imagining that the left-hand side of this palette would be getting the most use. The right side appeared considerably warmer, but useful I thought, for when I had applied some fake tan. I was seriously surprised when I swatched this to find just how light both shades are. The left pan shows almost white under my eyes, while the right is still considerably brightening – if a little more concealer-correct. I even think I could consider (gasp) shade 2. Moral of the story: get to a Surratt counter.

As someone who generally doesn’t powder under the eyes – I have drier skin and find the dewiness more youthful –  the powder section of the palette has not got a lot of use. Nevertheless, I accept it is a lovely addition and it does help with staying power. However the pinker shade of powder in shade 2 did turn me off, as the last thing I want under my eyes is more pink. Ultimately this depends on where you’re using your concealer and what for; under-eye brightening or general face concealing. Because I tend to use concealer exclusively underneath my eyes, if using a powder I would like it to be bright white or yellow in tone.

In terms of texture, this cream formula is thick and at first felt waxy, but it’s important to note a little goes a long way. Start with the lightest touch. I find it incredibly brightening and perfecting with just a dab on the real inner corner of my eye where there’s a shadow. While thinner textures and more illuminating formulas (think Chantecaille’s Le Camouflage Styl0 or Glossier’s Stretch Concealer) might be the current go-to for the eye area, a solid, cream concealer like this also has a place. Surratt’s option is wonderfully versatile and can be as light or heavy duty as you need. Thin it out on the back of your hand with a little moisturiser, and you have an excellent tinted lotion for knocking back a little redness on the cheeks or chin.

When using the Surratt Perfectionniste palette, I make sure my skin is well prepped and hydrated first.  In fact, I think this is an essential first step before any under-eye concealing. There is nothing more ageing or unflattering than obvious, dry or cakey concealer. I also like to let the product warm up as I push it into the skin with my fingertip, so that it really melts into my base. Surratt have also created a beautiful but pricey concealer brush that, if you’re feeling extravagant, works a treat with this palette.

The low down: This is a high performing, medium-full coverage concealer that I pull out especially when I need extra help following a big night out – or late night in. Binge watching The Crown, anyone? As the name suggests, The Surratt Perfectionniste palette really perfects any little areas you’re trying to cover up and, if my palette is anything to go by, this is going to last you a long, long time.

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