Scandinavian Cool: Kjaer Weis Makeup

Warning. You will want to buy these products. 

Base - Blush - Bronzer - Cream Blush - Cream Bronzer - Foundation - Glow - Highlighter - Lipgloss - Makeup

So you know the deal with Scandinavians; insanely good looking, ridiculously innovative, environmentally conscious, ABBA, blah blah blah.  They epitomise cool.  We get it.  Well here they go again, being all cool and clever and casually bringing out natural, organic beauty products housed in Cartier-esque red boxes with reusable silver compacts that are just beautiful and making our faces one step closer to pieces of Danish design perfection. 

Now I don’t want to make larger than life claims (let’s leave that for Charlotte Tilbury) but this is a lovely beauty brand, making lovely products. Go listen to the founder, Kirsten, discuss her brand in the many youtube videos out there and you’ll be totally converted.  I like her, I like the products, I like the philosophy and am on board 100%.  Now let’s get down to some serious reviewing. 

The foundation is creamy, gives light to medium coverage and a dewy finish. I apply it with fingers but there is a brush sold separately or you could use a sponge.  I find the warmth of my fingers really helps melt this into the skin.  The blush is also cream (see the trend?) and is available in a lovely selection of colours.  They blend beautifully and are easy to top up throughout the day or as your makeup look needs to go from day to night. The lipglosses are a non-sticky texture but the heavy packaging is severely handbag unfriendly – keep these for the dressing table. 

Speaking of packaging, it’s glorious to hold and to use, but frequent flyers might be freaking out at their lack of baggage weight allowance with these on board.  For those of you, there’s a genius little ‘Collector’s Kit’ palette that you can simply slot your products into.  They think of everything, these Danes. 

The cream highlighter is also a joy, and probably the coolest looking product in the range.  It’s glowy, a touch glittery, and with it’s creamy texture looks super natural like you’ve been hit with some Copenhagen sunlight (it happens, occasionally, in July.) My picks from the collection have to be the foundations and blushes that are just a dream to use, such brilliant formulas and glorious to behold in their stunning packaging. Given their clean beauty nature, these aren’t products you want to hoard and keep at the back of your beauty cupboard – use them fresh after purchase to get the best results.

Kjaer Weis has created a makeup line that to me, is everything makeup needs to be; high performing, beautiful, nicely packaged and in a lovely array of colours. It encapsulates why beauty can be such a treat and moment of self-love to ourselves. The fact that they’re all natural really is just an added bonus. More in-depth reviews of KW products to come including the covetable little eyeshadow discs and balmy lip tints.  Oh to be Scandinavian… 

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