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The search continues for the perfect tinted sunscreen.

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I am, for the most part, a Sarah Chapman super-fan. There’s the balmy cleanser (in miraculous non-pot packaging), the face oil wonderfully named overnight facial (who doesn’t want that?), the dreamy non-sticky serums and the great face masks. It’s basically a love fest for the Skinesis skincare line. Sense a but coming? Yeah, it was inevitable.

Skin Insurance is an almost loveable product for me. The packaging is great, the idea is perfect, but there are a few drawbacks for me – and my pale skinned comrades.

This tinted sunscreen isn’t a one-fits-all shade. It’s a warm, yellow-based colour that is simply too deep for my fair complexion. Read oompah loompah. Even with a light application, and some serious blending, there’s an obvious jawline colour difference. However, on tanned or olive skins, or even those just a touch warmer than mine, this colour may work perfectly well. If in doubt, I suggest you swatch this in-store before purchase, and I would love to see both one lighter and deeper shade offering from the brand in a step towards better inclusivity. I know it is supposed to adapt to your skin tone, but it’s not working for me.

Coverage-wise, this is exactly what is says on the tin – a skin tint.  It’s going to give you colour, which will disguise redness and reduce the appearance of imperfections, but won’t actually add coverage in the way a heavier tinted moisturiser or foundation will. What it will do is protect you for UVA and UVB with it’s SPF 30 (which is always welcome), provided you’re applying the correct amount of product – and reapplying – to avoid those UV rays. I personally am yet to find a tinted sunscreen that works for me as my sole layer of sun protection.

The texture is fine; not sticky or oily as can be the case with so many sunscreens, and the fragrance is inoffensive. The packaging is faultless too. Skin Insurance is a go-to product for many and I’ve heard it raved about as a pre-foundation skin perfector. For now, I’ll be filling my cart with all of Sarah Chapman’s other products. Bring on the Ultimate Cleanse and Overnight Facial…

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