New ‘old’ discoveries from RMS

I went in for the permanently sold out ‘Smile’ and ‘Paradise’ Lip2Cheeks and came out with two new beauties.

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I love shopping a brand that you love, and discovering new old products that you had previously overlooked. No hype, no big marketing spiel, just a little discovery sitting there quietly on the shelf.

Of course there is a lot of hype about my favourite RMS product, the Living Luminizer, which needs no introduction on this blog. Except for those who find the coconut oil breakout-causing, this is in a favourite highlighter among millions of makeup bags.

While I had dipped my toes into the RMS cream eyeshadows previously, Lunar was as experimental as I went – a very light, champagne-toned wash of colour that isn’t dissimilar to my bare eyelids. So I decided to look a touch further at the Eye Polish line and landed on Solar, a warm, golden bronze that gives my blue eyes serious life. This Eye Polish range is a mix between a cream eyeshadow, and an eye gloss, in that they’re a very sheer wash of dewy, shiney colour. They will crease, no matter what primer you put down, so I do end up periodically tapping a fingerpad over my eyelid to smooth them out. Not the end of the world, but not the primped and polished makeup look that is going to be everyone’s jam. I find myself reaching for this colour, as the final step to an eye look, for a just a touch of ‘light’ in the centre of my eyelid, and to amp up a daytime look where I’ve used Lunar and want a bit more drama for evening. I am loving this eyeshadow right now.

Keeping with the RMS love vibes, I forayed into the previously ignored lipsticks. Unbridled Passion popped out at me, for its somehow vibrant and subdued duo-power. While looking on one hand a soft pastel pink, it also has a punchy pop to it – a really interesting shade. I love the sleek silver tube, and while this texture is more satin than the creamier formals I generally gravitate toward, it is comfortable on the lips. One tip: balm your lips well first, or this might cling to dry patches. I apply this gently, for a soft colour pay-off, but built up this is a punchy, knock-out pop of pink that really brightens the face. A great spring-summer makeup bag addition.

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