My experience with Chantecaille skincare

Rosewater this and rosewater that – reviewing Chantecaille’s spendy serums.

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re no doubt aware of my love affair with Chantecaille. I love the eyeshadows, the lipsticks, the face powders – you name it, I’ve loved it. I’m a fan. When it comes to Chantecaille skincare, I was less of a devotee – until I found my niche in this rosewater-based wonderland.

I have a friend who swears by the Bio Lifting Serum, slathering it on each day and testifying to the visible difference in her skin. She breaths in the aromatherapy scents with pleasure while her skin soaks up all those pennies – it’s pricey. I also have a friend who’s holy grail includes the Flower Harmonizing Cream, assuring me it’s the only thing that calmed her mid-pregnancy problematic complexion. I’m surrounded by Chantecaille skincare fans.

Now I did like the moisturisers I tried, but some of the creams sat a little heavy on my skin. It sounds like I would love the Bio Lifting Serum, but I’m reluctant to board that bank account depleting train just yet. Then one day, during an in-store makeup application I felt my face being smothered in the most hydrating layer of lusciousness. It was lightweight, refreshing, and anything but oily.  It felt like a drink of (rose) water for my face. It was Chantecaille’s Vital Essence. They got me, hook, line and serum.

I started using the Vital Essence before makeup application each day, especially on dryer skin days. While the entwining layers of swirling white and clear product is undoubtedly cool to look at in the (disappointingly) plastic bottle, this gel-like serum isn’t just about looks.  Vital Essence is calming on the skin, and smells heavenly – if roses are you thing. Once absorbed, the skin is soft, non-sticky, and feels gently nourished. I’d say this is a great ‘starter serum’ for those whose main concern is dehydration.

Staying within the realm of hydrating serums, I’ve moved on to the Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum. I have to get this out of the way before I revert back to fan-mode: I don’t love this packaging. The plastic bottle is lightweight – yes, good for travel – but without the glamour and sophistication I’ve come to expect from Chantecaille’s branding, especially for a such a high price item. I do however love the pump applicator rather than pipette which you often see.

The long-named Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum is essentially a fancy hydrating serum with extra benefits. With Chantecaille’s signature rose water base, this serum also feels lightweight and refreshing. On dispensing, there’s a visible difference in texture to the Vital Essence.  Where Vital Essence is a fairly firm gel, this serum is a thinner, runnier texture that blends gloriously around the face. It too can feel a little sticky or tacky as it soaks into the skin, but left for a few minutes my face feels soft, smooth and lightly hydrated. There’s no oiliness, and no obvious layer of product left behind on the skin.


It’s very hard to test whether this serum is protecting me from all that dreaded blue light pollution – apt as I sit typing in front of a screen, but the ingredients have been shown to do some shielding. It’s important to mention that not all blue light is bad. Naturally occurring blue light from the sun helps regulate our circadian rhythm and mood. It’s the overexposure, like from our phone and computer screens that may cause issues. I don’t think a protection serum like this is something you’re going to see results from quickly, but blue light protection and digital ageing is an interesting development within the beauty industry and an area in which I think we’re going to see a lot more research and product development to come. I’m staying cautiously skeptical, but curious, for now. You can read Chantecaille’s take on blue light protection here and here.

My favourite way of applying the Blue Light Protection serum brings me to the third product in my little Chantecaille routine.  The Pure Rosewater facial mist is a gorgeous product, but not one that you need exactly. If you’re looking for a luxury gift, or fancy pampering yourself, this face mist is sleek and sophisticated in it’s glass bottle and also a delight to use.  If you spend your days in an air conditioned environment, or find tap water particularly drying on your skin, a spritz of this rosewater will help to balance the skin.  It’s also lovely used as a toner after cleansing, to refresh while travelling, or to hydrate the skin before facial massage or Gua Sha practice.

love a facial mist but I’m picky when it comes to choosing them as so many can leave my skin feeling somehow more tight and dry shortly after application. Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator is a favourite, but Chantecaille’s mist is currently sitting pretty on my dressing table. My favourite way of using the Pure Rosewater is before my serum application. I like to spritz my face generously with rosewater, press it into my face and neck and then apply my serum while my face is still damp. This helps the serum absorb, and makes it blend over the skin with even greater ease. It leaves my face feeling protected, hydrated yet not greasy or smothered, and the intoxicating rose scent allows for a moment of pampering aromatherapy.

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