Meghan Markle’s Glow

A short 18 months before it was all private jets and hypocrisy, the British press was awash with talk of the Markle Sparkle. With a natural bridal look, and generally minimalistic beauty vibe, it was Meghan’s makeup bag that I wanted to read about.

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Markle’s bridal look presented as extremely pared back on camera. Her complexion appeared almost bare, – is it treasonous to suggest her under-eyes could have been a tad brighter? – her lips barely accompanied by tinted lip balm, but a mid-weight smoky eye carried the show. She might have had the entire range of Dior makeup at her fingertips that day, thanks to makeup artist Daniel Martin, but it was another brand entirely that I heard were responsible for the Markle Sparkle in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding.

Enter Jane Iredale’s Bronzer in Peaches & Cream, housed in a refillable compact and containing four lines of illuminating bronzey, peachy, goldy pigment. This bronzer is available in four colour ways. I’ve tested out both the Peaches & Cream supposedly favoured by Meghan, and the Rose Dawn, a cooler toned pink and bronze set. These both pack a serious punch in terms of colour, and glow.

I like to use a fan brush, and a really light hand, to make sure this turns out as natural as Meghan’s bridal look did.  Complexions far paler than Meghan’s will still find Peaches & Cream flattering, but I reach for it most in the summer months with a tanned cheekbone. Rose Dawn is very pretty over, or instead of, a pop of blush on the cheeks and a lovely spring time look. If you’re after a similar vibe, but can’t get hold of Jane Iredale, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is an undeniable dupe.

This is mineral makeup, so I do go easy on the application for if applied heavily, it can settle into lines and make my skin a little creasey, cracked and dehydrated in appearance. If you over-apply, spritz on a facial mist over the top to pull back the powder and bring back some dew.

These days the press may have replaced Sparkle with Debacle when discussing the new royal addition, but if you’re after a Hollywood glow this bronzer does shine through.

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