May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden

The glorious, delicious fragrance of this botanical facial mist is what has me misting from morning to night.

Face Mist - Skincare

For a sensory experience, you cannot beat The Jasmine Garden. With a fragrance of jasmine and chocolatey vanilla, you get a unique mix of botanical and edible that makes spritzing this an absolute dream.

If you’re unfamiliar with May Lindstrom products, just reading her description of this facial mist gives you an insight into the vibe of her brand.

“Delicately shower skin with a fluttering of calming and restorative droplets, each infused with antioxidant protection. Romance your spirit with the gentle sensory experience of a lush botanical garden in the tropics, somewhere near a field of cocoa beans bathed in warm rain. One thousand silver-drenched kisses. Mystical. Gossamer. Quench.”

That’s right – romance your spirit. This botanical facial mist is the very definition of lush self-care. Even if it did nothing to benefit your skin, which it does, using it would be a treat for yourself and a worthwhile moment of self nurturing.

The Jasmine Garden works both before your other skincare products, like serums and moisturisers, to aid penetration and absorption, as well as after them to lock in moisture and hydration. It’s said to be effective for soothing oily, acne and sensitive skin as well as aiding irritation and dehydration. I find it hydrating, never irritating, and a welcome step after cleansing and randomly throughout the day when my skin needs a refresh or I want a moment of uplifting. But, in fairness the real reason I use this mist is the joy it brings me; from the weighty black glass bottle, to the heavenly fragrance. Once you smell this facial mist, it’s almost impossible to find a rival.

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