Lumene Instant Glow UV Primer

Illumination, SPF, and priming capabilities? Sign me up for Scandinavian Beauty.

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I am all about Scandinavian beauty; the products, the treatments, the lifestyle and the look. 

Lumene, a Finnish skincare brand known for their use of Scandinavian plant extracts and Arctic ingredients, have made a stronger move into the broader European (and especially British) market over the last eighteen months with influencer-endorsed marketing and Instagram worthy press trips. If you’ve seen your favourite personalities exploring Lapland, cruising on snow mobiles or playing with huskies, chances are Lumene were behind it.

I am all for Lumene highlighting (pun very much intended) the wonders of Scandinavia in the way of press trips that show off the beautiful, natural environment often overlooked by tourists. These countries are beautiful and need more Instagram air-time. I’m also an admirer of the Nordic lifestyle, and the way that Nordic women let their natural beauty shine through. With little sunlight for much of the year, their complexions are nevertheless luminous and clear. Put it down to perhaps good genes, outdoor living, a balanced diet rich in plants and fish, or, the tendency to not overload their faces with makeup but instead focus on good quality skincare. Enter brands like Lumene. 

The Instant Glow UV Primer is supposedly inspired by that fresh-faced beauty of Nordic women. It’s silky texture includes SPF 30 that will shield from those harmful rays so whether you’re sunning in the Southern Hemisphere, or snowmobiling in the north, you’ll be protected. While richer textures of glow primer are available in say, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, I love that this is lightweight and fast absorbing, and gives a subtle radiance rather than metallic-overload. The inclusion of SPF with my illuminating product really is a winner for me.

Instant Glow is supposedly packed with pure Arctic spring water and wild Arctic cloudberry seed extract, rich in antioxidants to hydrate and brighten the complexion. It comes in one universal shade, that really appears colourless once applied on my skin. It doesn’t add coverage, just radiance. If you’re not looking to cover up your skin, this works as beautifully alone as it does beneath foundation. If you love Sisley’s Instant Eclat primer, these have a very similar feel on the skin and levels of illumination, but while Lumene also includes an SPF, it is also dramatically more affordable.

The Invisible Illumination range brings with it a couple of other gorgeous products like a liquid watercolour bronzer, and liquid blush. These products, which deserve a review in their own right, feel weightless on the skin but are undeniably beautiful to wear. They add a radiance and perfecting quality to the complexion that will have you double-taking in the mirror, and have surprisingly good longevity for such light fluid consistencies.

I love that I can be protected from the sun while upping the glow with just one light layer of product. I may not be able to frolic with husky dogs in the snow anytime soon, or be cycling through cosmopolitan Copenhagen, but Lumene products give me some of those Scandinavian cool-girl vibes with a radiant, un-covered complexion.