Lilah b. Sun Kissed Bronzer

This pebble packaged bronzer is one for the pale girls.

Bronzer - Makeup

Most brands have their own unique thing; one feature, look, product or ingredient they’re known for. In a time of fast beauty and new launches often daily, it is getting harder and harder for a brand to stand out from the crowd. Say glitter and my mind goes to Stila, say powders I’m conjuring Hourglass, mention corrector and I’m picturing Bobbi Brown, acids and I see Sunday Riley, and the words pillow talk need no further explanation. Lilah b, it seems, has the pebble packaging.

Chanel gets the black lipstick tubes, Kjaer Weis has the red jewellery style boxes, Victoria Beckham has the tortoiseshell and Lilah b. undoubtedly owns the pebbles.

There are few things as tactile as a smooth pebble collected from a beach but the Lilah b. stone packaging is truly satisfying to hold in the palm of your hand. This smooth, weighty, cream coloured compact is a masterpiece in cosmetics packaging. You might think it’s small size would be great for travel, but these compacts are not light – at all. Sitting on my dressing table, the minimalist design is giving me serious cosmetics pleasure, and the fact that the lid swivels 360 degrees – in both directions – proves beauty can also be functional.

This dual-toned b. sun kissed bronzing powder is as lovely to use as it is look at, but with only one shade option from the brand it’s unfortunately not going to suit all skin tones. For light to medium skins, this is going to give you a subtle sun kissed glow thanks to it’s warm, golden-peach undertones. I’ve seen it touted as a highlighting and contouring duo but I would use this solely as a bronzer where the sun would naturally hit – the darker shade is simply too golden and sheeny to use as a shadow contour. For the especially pale, this may show to orange on your skin.

With use, your pristine white pebble does look a little worse for wear as the powders migrate over the interior pan but nothing can stay perfect forever. While not refillable, like the equally beautiful compacts from Kjaer Weis, Lilah b. do have an excellent recycling initiative available via their website. Finish-wise, these powders aren’t a flat matte but aren’t glittery either. I would describe them as a satin sheen finish on the skin – not as radiant as Hourglass, not as matte as Tom Ford. I have nothing mind-blowing nor disappointing to say about the powder itself – it’s a nice, golden bronzer for fair to light-medium complexions. But the real hero here is the packaging itself, seen across the range from eyeshadows to highlighter, and you won’t want to put this pebble down.

Find Lilah b. at Mecca Cosmetica