Highlighters and the search for dewy skin

When you don’t want sparkle, you don’t want glitter, you just want dewy cheekbones.

Highlighter - Makeup

Whoever was listening when us dehydrated gals prayed to the skin gods, “please let me have dewy skin, even if it only lasts until midnight and then you must turn me back into my parched less-than-luminous self”, I bow down to thee. Turns out, it was Ciaté London who, despite making life difficult for us having to type the “e” comme ça “é”, have made our dewy skin wishes come true, if only for a day.  

Short story – you want dewy, borderline greasy, cheekbones? This is the product for you. But who wants the short story when we’re gossing ‘bout makeup?! This pretty little thing comes in 3 colours: gold sparkly, pink sparkly and then this wondrous ‘glow’ option that has zero glitter. We’re talking wet-look highlighting here. Picture swiping your lip balm along your cheeks and you’re on the right track. It’s super moist (sorry word-phobics) and is pretty much colourless. Some may find the residual tackiness annoying, others will love it for the illusion their skin actually contains some of that magical oil stuff it did when they were 16, but now only on the places they choose – ah no thanks oily nose! And hey, you can’t buy a dewy stick and then be surprised your skin is dewy! 

Ok ok, too sticky? Go the RMS Living Luminizer. This blends down into the skin a little more, think balm rather than gloss and is a gorgeous silvery-pearl tone that looks very natural for fair skin tones. The quad version has four different but all beautiful tones of Luminizer.

Not enough shimmer/sheen?  Try Chantecaille Liquid Lumière. It’s a beautiful cream highlighter in a covetable small tube and as with most things Chantecaille produce – doesn’t disappoint.  Use sparingly as this goes a long way.  

Now back to the dewy stix. This makes my face FEEL younger. I love it on bare skin with just a little under eye concealer, mascara, blush and lip balm (the “my school doesn’t allow makeup and I totally fool them” look). Word to the wise: apply this to fingers and then dab on to face if wearing foundation to protect your perfectly applied base. 

Remember Skinderella, when the clock strikes midnight (aka the cleansing hour) your dewy glow may vanish until the next application – but there’s always skincare that can tackle that! Reviews of the best glow-getting exfols, masks & serums coming soon.

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