Foolproof dewy blush colour: Nude Stix

A pop of summer colour on the apples of the cheeks is the perfect final flurry to your makeup routine.

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When you want an easy, practical, pop of dewy colour, Nude Stix cream blushes are the way to go. I love the Nudies Bloom All Over Dewy Color sticks, especially in the shade Cherry Blossom Babe – a gorgeous, vibrant, rose pink.

Cream products in general, are a mixed bag. Some are super emollient and greasy, some lean toward a powder finish and some are a bit chalky a by the time you’ve blended them in, you’ve also blended half your base makeup away. I find the All Over Dewy Color sticks to be the perfect creamy, dewy texture that give you enough blend-in time, enough emollience without sliding off the face or competing with your highlighter for shine, and a gorgeous natural skin-like finish.

The stick packaging couldn’t be easier – and great for travel. The dual-ended sticks have a dense brush on one end, which isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea but a useful addition to an otherwise bare end. I generally end up dotting the stick directly onto my cheek, and then blending with fingers.

One criticism I’ve heard that I just have to address, is that the brush irritates people because they always pull off the wrong lid – hoping for the product but opening the brush. Now, listen up, the product end (i.e. the blush end) has a lid with a stripe of colour around it. The brush end, does not. If you follow that practice, you’ll never have the irritation of opening the wrong side again. It ain’t such a problem.

These cream blushes come in a gorgeous range of poppy, bright colours – Tiger Lily Queen is a summery orange-coral, Poppy Girl a stunning bright red, and Sweet Peach Peony a peachy, orange nude. Cherry Blossom Babe is my pick for a pretty, feminine flush that suits just about everyone.

If you love the texture of these but can’t find your ideal shade, take a look at Stila Convertible Color which although not in stick form, comes in equally travel friendly slimline compacts, slightly more natural, muted shade options and have a lovely creamy finish on the skin.

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