Dreaming of Capri – but not this palette

The eyeshadow palette that left me dreaming of using other eyeshadow palettes…

Eyeshadow - Makeup

A few months back I was packing for a long haul flight and trying to streamline my beauty bag with an eyeshadow palette that could do it all.  Enter the Dreaming Of Capri palette, with its cute little curvy gold casing.  It seemed to have it all; ivory base shadows, shimmery champagnes, warmer taupes, a deep liner shade and trend-following navy.  Throw in some sparkle for good measure and you have the classic Bobbi palette.  Winning, as Charlie Sheen would have said a few years ago. 

But sadly as I dipped into the shadows night after night I didn’t feel I was winning at all.  The pigments seemed light-on and wishy washy and the deep navy too strong a contrast against the lighter shades.  While I wanted to love this palette, and definitely love to look at it, I couldn’t help wishing my travel makeup bag was a little heavier with extra products as I holidayed (not in Capri).  Once home again, and comparing it directly to say, the Two Faced Natural Eyes palette, of which the colour pay-off is so much stronger,  I can’t help noticing this little palette drifting further and further back into the drawer of unlovables.  Sorry Bobbi, not my fave.   

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