Cult Cream: Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré

A cult cream that won’t break the bank. Oui!

Moisturiser - Skincare

I doubt that there is a makeup artist in Europe that hasn’t pulled this moisturiser out of their kit at some point in their lives. The brand is synonymous with quality, reliable, French skincare and relied on universally for being comforting and non-irritating on just about everyone.

I absolutely adore the fragrance of this cream. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a delight to apply. The cream itself, housed in a soft metal tube – very French apothecary – is thicker to touch than I expected considering it glides on the skin so effortlessly. A little goes a long way here. It makes my skin feel plump, hydrated and leaves a velvety residue behind that makeup applies easily over.

Like any good cult cream, it comes with a story from the 1950s of a French dermatologist working in a Parisian hospital. Specialising in skin pathology, so an entire line of skincare was born – this cream remaining it’s golden goose. According to the brand, this cream contains natural plant extracts, essential fatty acids and vitamins to “deeply hydrate and repair the skin, while also protecting the skins natural barrier.” It certainly feels like your typical barrier cream, in that skin feels nourished and protected, but this doesn’t feel too heavy or clogging on the skin like some.

In typical cult style, this cream is generally referred to by it’s brand name alone, “Embryolisse”, in the way that people spout La Mer without having to clarify which product. Its relied on for both soothing irritated skin, and for prepping pre-makeup. While supposedly for all skin types, I’d query whether oily skins won’t find this a touch too rich, but for the most part it’s a great all-rounder. This is the cream I reach for when I want an un-fussy, comfortable base that isn’t going to make my makeup slide off, won’t leave me with that tight feeling come 2pm, and won’t cost an arm to repurchase. A former facialist of mine used to swear by the tinted version for her daytime look, and when you’ve got makeup artists and facialists both recommending something – you know you’re onto a winner.  Sign me up – this is one cult I’m happy to join.

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