Concealing and Luminizing with RMS

The Living Luminizer is one magical product in my beauty stash. Sadly, it’s “magical” cousin didn’t live up to it’s name.

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Prepare for some lukewarm love for RMS.

I love, boiling hot love, the RMS Living Luminizer so much that it was inevitable that nothing else could quite measure up. So, it’s no surprise that two other, quite liked products from the range are met with a little Katie-Holmes sideways smile action. 

First up is the Magic Luminizer; Living Luminizer’s champagne toned cousin.  This is a lovely little cream highlighter.  I know some people who choose this any day of the week over the pearl-toned Living Luminizer, but I just ain’t one of them. The simple reason is, texture.  This is not just a warm-toned version of the LL.  It feels different, and sits on the skin differently. Whereas the LL is balmy and gives an uncoloured gloss to my cheekbones, the Magic Luminizer has the texture of a slightly thicker cream, as though the powdery pigment needed to add the champagne hue has left a little bit of ‘grit’ behind.  It doesn’t blend quite as seamlessly as LL, and is more an obvious product on the skin rather than the “hey, my skin was just born luminous” look. As the sales assistant said to me, this is your Instagram highlight, the LL is real life. Feeling the lukewarm love folks? I did warn you.

Next up is the Uncover-Up Concealer.  Do I need to say again how much I love these little glass pots? They feel so gorgeous with their metal lids like little pots of magical makeup gold.  Back to the point; this is creamy, non-drying, slap on with your fingers makeup. This concealer isn’t full coverage – it isn’t going to mask your skin into a poreless canvas but it will tone down the purple under your eyes, or ease back the redness in the cheeks, or remove the “look at me” sign from a pimple.  All those things may still be there, but they’re acceptable in a yoga-going, self-loving vibe of “this is me, I’m not perfect but I’m pretty damn awesome”.

If what you want is a little improvement, a little lightening, think casual-friday VS Saturday night out, then this is a gem.  It’s a balmy cream, that warms on your finger as you pick up the product. To break it down, if you want high coverage go to Nars Soft Matte, if you want more slide (almost unachievable) head to Glossier Stretch (stay tuned for a single post dual where these two can fight it out 1-1), and if you want to stay creamy but the purple under-eye is bordering on black, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer & corrector are your ultimate friends.

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