Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector

Undereye circles, be gone!

Corrector - Makeup

Darkness. Purple undertones. Blue veins. Dark under-eyes. Bags. 

Most women have a few quick steps that they perform if they literally have to be out the door in sixty seconds. Be it a swipe of lipstick, a dusting of bronzer, a brush of mascara or a spritz of perfume, there is one thing that makes me feel more ready to take on the world – or the street outside. Brightening my under-eyes is an instant pick-me-up; it’s eye-opening and can even make me feel more awake when I’m perhaps looking my most tired.

In the task of covering up this darkness, a simple concealer often just won’t do the job. When covering blue or purple, a skin-tone correct concealer often leaves the area looking grey, or at best just a little less dark than it was before – but doesn’t really solve the problem. For this, you need a corrector.

Tarte’s corrector is one that I’ve been reaching for ever since my classic Bobbi Brown pot was depleted. It’s a little less thick and pigmented, and more illuminating than Bobbi’s, but the sheerer finish is effortless to apply with fingers. The one downside is the obvious lack of shade options – just two are currently available. On my paler complexion, the lighter salmon-shade works well to neutralise the discolouration under my eyes and really brighten the area, before I then go in with a light layer of skin-tone correct concealer on top. It doesn’t quite have the heavy duty powers of a Bobbi Brown corrector in your correct shade, but the slimline packaging and light texture of this product are really working for me.

There are a couple of other correctors in my makeup arsenal that I’ll be sharing in a future post, because I fear I’m not alone in the under-slept category, but if you’re looking for an everyday easy option or just dipping your toes into the world of correctors this offering from Tarte is a great choice.

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