Charlotte Tilbury’s Hyped-up Highlighter

This creamy highlighter isn’t my go-to, but there’s still room for it on a red carpet night out.

Highlighter - Makeup

Darlings. Just channeling my inner Charlotte there. This is one hyped highlighter, much like all Charlotte Tilbury products, and not without good reason. Here’s the deal of the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand: 

Do I like it? Yes

Is the packaging user-friendly? Yes – ish

Is it the highlighter I reach for everyday? No. There’s something about this little wand that stops it from entering my inner circle of lovedom and I just can’t quite put my finger on what it is. It’s a good colour – champagney-gold, with no glitter particles but more a metallic sheen. It can be blended out to try and reach more natural glow status but it’s always been quite an obvious faux-glow on my skin. Think glamour lit from a Hollywood flash bulb rather than the subtle, lit from within. 

If you’re mentally removing it from your cart as you read, hold on just a minute. There are plenty of nights out (and I mean, “out-out”) in life where we need that glamour, that rebellion against no-makeup-makeup and its then that this light wand becomes the cool-girl Queen of the cream highlighter friendship group. Squeeze sparingly as you don’t need much of this glow getter, and once the little sponge is full of the stuff there’s no putting it back in the tube. As for the sponge itself, the hygiene police are going to struggle but it does make on the go strobe touch ups super easy, but I still find a little fingertip blending necessary. 

Low down – Charlotte has made us an excellent high-glamour cream highlight that is a beautiful alternative to powdery shimmers and before Hourglass went all Vanish Stick on her she was leading the field like her gal pal Kate Moss in the 90s.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for makeup hoarders) there’s always a Gigi or Kaya hot on their tails waiting in the wings for their moment to shine (read, glow). 

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