Chantecaille 20th Anniversary Eye Palette

It’s Chantecaille’s 20th Birthday, and this palette is certainly a beautifully wrapped, gorgeous gift to yourself.

Eyeshadow - Makeup

I know, I know, it’s limited edition and you most likely can’t get it anymore. So is the inevitable aggravation of the fast paced beauty industry these days, but regardless, it’s worth a shout-out in appreciation of Sylvie Chantecaille’s palette of animal printed loveliness. In supporting Chantecaille, you’re also supporting a good cause in The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and The Lion Guardians. Eyeshadow and animals – what’s not to love? 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that package something up in gold and it’s sure to be coveted.  This beautiful palette, with a huge mirror (thank you design team) is one of those things you are hesitant to dip a brush into for fear of ruining it.  But dip I do, and in the interest of undisguised honesty it has to be said these eyeshadows are no Nars Wanted, and no Two Faced Natural Eyes, the pigment is light and the finish shimmery, so you’re not going to get an intense colour payoff or dramatic look from this little gem.  What you get, instead, is a shimmering wash of prettiness in tones of gold, bronze champagne and pink, that make you feel effortlessly ‘done’ and pretty.  Pretty seems to be an underrated word in the beauty industry these days.  It’s been all about the strong and contoured for so long that pretty has fallen from grace.  But being a kick-ass woman in today’s world doesn’t mean giving up our femininity and Chantecaille’s beautiful products, and their Superwomen-led company (shout-out to Sylvie and daughters) are living proof. This palette, celebrating 20 years of such success, is a tribute to subtle makeup that is a joy to apply, a joy to ‘play’ with and celebrates pretty in the strongest way.