CHANEL Fall-Winter: glittery goodness

Nothing says glamour like a new Chanel makeup collection

Eyeshadow - Glitter - Makeup

No brand is more luxurious in my eyes than Chanel, and their seasonal makeup is a such a treat to test out in store, and take home. Despite it being springtime for some of the world, I’m sampling out some autumnal toned products today but it’s ultimately the glitters that have me excited.

Chanel have released two glittery eyeshadow top coats within their Fall-Winter collection – the Ombre Premiere Top Coat Eyeshadow Veil in 327 Penombré and 317 Carte Blanche. 

Penombré is a unique combination of gold and silver shimmers on a background of greenish-grey gold. It has more life to it than a pewter – I think of it as a tarnished gold, and the shimmering flecks seem to lean both gold and silver. This is a really beautiful, grown up glittery addition to your evening eyeshadow look.

Carte Blanche comes presented in a white compact and is a very bright white-based silver sparkle. Perhaps less wearable than it’s counterpart, it’s a subtle shimmering powder that would be nice placed on the inner corners of the eye or just in the centre for a touch of light. My pick of the two however, was always going to be Penombré. 

The third glittering surprise of the collection was an over-sized tub of sparkling gel, Le Gel Pailleté. Beautiful to behold, this transparent, sticky gel is everything makeup should be and yet, I’m not sure it’s exactly needed. I’m not even sure how I would use this gel; dotted on the cheekbones as a highlighter I fear it would remain a touch sticky, smoothed over the décolleté I might end up so sparkly and luminous I’d give the Tin Man a run for his money. This gel has a transparent base so you’re left with a scattering of golden glitter wherever you apply it – my sixteen year old self would love this stuff. Beautifully packaged and undeniably fun, if you’ve figured out how to best use this beauty I’d love to hear from you on Instagram.