Buy a Chantecaille eyeshadow, save a Pangolin

Chantecaille’s Luminescent Eye Shades are a beautiful way to help save endangered species from extinction.

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If you’ve never heard of a Pangolin before, you’re not alone. Until I stumbled upon this beautiful, lilac-pinky-bronze eyeshadow at the Chantecaille counter I was completely ignorant to the pangolin’s existence – and perhaps this is the problem. The pangolin is said to be the most illegally trafficked animal in the world, and one of the most endangered. Pangolins are facing the very real threat of extinction, due mainly to illegal poaching and trafficking whereby their meat is prized and their keratinised scales are bought to be used in traditional medicine amongst some Asian cultures. Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shades are on the case.

The pangolin is a shy, funny looking prehistoric mammal – in fact the only mammal to have scales. No, you haven’t stumbled onto some National Geographic blog – don’t redirect your browser! On the exact same day I discovered this new Chantecaille eyeshadow, I turned on the television and fell upon David Attenborough’s latest television series and an episode highlighting – you guessed it – pangolins. The coincidence forced me to watch, with fascination, and discover how incredible these creatures that I had never heard of really are.  “It is one of the most endearing animals I have ever met,” said Sir David. “Huge numbers of them are illegally exported, mainly to China. In the last 15 years, over half of the population of sunda pangolins have disappeared.” And in another 15 years – what then?

So what does this have to do with a beauty blog? Chantecaille have launched a collection of six individual luminescent eyeshadows that support six of Africa’s most endangered species. While we’ve all heard of, and recognise the importance of protecting, the elephant, cheetah, rhinoceros, giraffe and lion, if you’re like me, the pangolin was a mystery. Chantecaille have wonderfully outlined the six vanishing species that they are supporting on their website and if you’re interested in learning more about the pangolin and the threats they’re facing I highly recommend watching Sir David Attenborough’s program. You’ll fall in love with the little pangolin, Honey Bun, I promise you.

There are many Chantecaille products that I absolutely love for no other reason that they perform highly and are packaged beautifully. I mean, makeup mission accomplished. I’m thinking Future Skin, Lip Chic, fluid bronzers, gel blushes, incredible skincare…the list goes on.  In fact, two of my current most-worn lip products are the Gypsie Rose Lip Chic and Moabi Lip Veil. It is just the icing on the cake (or the gloss on the lip?) when a beautiful product that you would happily buy regardless, is also supporting a seriously worthwhile cause. So let’s talk about the makeup.

Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shades are shimmery yet pigmented eyeshadows that apply easily both with a brush or your fingers – the latter being my preference. They’ve presented in luxe feeling, metal compacts that each feature an endangered animal on the lid. My personal favourite shades are Elephant and Cheetah – and of course Pangolin.

Elephant is a a wonderful taupe-oyster shade that’s not too grey and not too bronze so it’s flattering on all eye colours. It’s an easy to wear, daytime eye colour that looks great as a single wash of colour on the lids. You can blend it out to be quite sheer, or pack it on for a sultry evening look. It also works well with a wet brush to amp up the colour. If you find most bronze shades too warm or coppery, you’ll love this.

Cheetah is a beautiful shimmering champagne-gold. It’s not too orange-gold, and not too light – it’s goldilocks perfect. This kind of colour is beautiful to brighten the inner section of the lid, or as I like to wear it – brushed over the entire lid with just a generous coat of mascara and a bright pink lip. I love this shade.

The Pangolin shade is as interesting as the animal it supports; a dusky lilac bronze that can lean both pink and silver. This is such a unique colour, with tiny flecks of electric pink running through it, that stands out amongst the whole collection. It’s beautiful. Its the universal wearability of colour choices that make up this collection of Luminescent Eye Shades that appeals to me most. There’s not one bad pick here. Lion is a warm coppery gold that will really make blue or green eyes pop. Giraffe is a reddish, chocolate brown that I think would be beautiful on hazel and brown eyes, and Rhinoceros is an incredible deep olive green-gold.

If you love makeup, if you love eyeshadow, if you love animals, or if you love Chantecaille, get yourself to a counter and check out these eyeshadows. They’re stunning and I have no doubt they will be a beautiful addition to your makeup bag. And if, like me, you hadn’t heard of the pangolin before, have a google, watch some Youtube, because we can’t protect something that we don’t know exists. I’m so glad that there are brands like Chantecaille that help teach, inform, and open our eyes to creatures that we can help protect – and we can even do it by buying makeup. Win-win.