Burberry Eyeshadow Cream

Beautiful, natural eye look coming right up – but don’t be thinking this is a cream eyeshadow.

Cream Eyeshadow - Eyeshadow - Makeup

I get so carried away singing Pale Barley’s praises that Burberry’s other wonderful eyeshadow – the Eye Colour Cream in Mink – doesn’t get it’s share of the spotlight.  This is a lovely product, but let’s get my one annoyance out of the way first; this is not a cream. 

I don’t understand how this was ever named a cream eyeshadow and packaged up in a little pot.  Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise? Cream eyeshadows.  Tom Ford Cream Colour For Eyes? Yep, cream eyeshadows. This, my Burberry loving friends, is not.  

This is a bizarre (in a good way), cushiony eyeshadow that doesn’t feel powdery but isn’t moist or creamy at all.  Let’s call it bouncy, at best.  I apply this in the same way that I would a powder eyeshadow; sweeping a brush in or swatching it with my fingertip and then blending it in like any other powder eyeshadow.  No cream here. 

Ok moving on, Mink is such a lovely colour. Every so slightly more pink-toned than Pale Barley, I find it a touch deeper for perhaps evening makeup that is still going to look very natural and minimal.  I’m yet to try any of the other 8 shades but I already have my eye on the Nude Gold and Dusty Pink pots.  Naturally, they come in lovely little velvet pouches and have a tiny doll-size brush with them that I’ve already misplaced, but these are pricey little eye colour pots it has to be said.  Not everyone is going to see the value in a single colour eye pot and would choose to purchase a palette instead where you have the option of different looks. Personally, if a single eye colour can do everything I need it to, without needing a backup colour through the crease and in the inner corner, then I’m fine with that. It just so happens that Mink is a little over-achiever, and we’re getting along on our own just fine.