3 Things I’m Loving

They say all good things come in threes. Let’s talk primer, highlighter, and the biggest fluffy brush I’ve ever owned.

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First up, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer, and I have Allana (@allanaramaa) to blame – read thank – for this little purchase. Let me preface this with a confession; I am not a primer user. I know, you’re supposed to, which is why I always make sure I lie to the makeup artist doing my makeup and get her nod of approval for following the beauty rules set out by Laura Mercier back in the day. But in reality, I have never met a primer who did me any kind of favours and would instead choose to invest in great skincare and face-plumping moisturizers in which to drench my skin pre-base. So, given my reluctance in this category, and demonstrating Allana’s true powers of influence, here’s my initial impressions: so far, so very, very lovely. Hydrating, skin-drinkable loveliness. I’m as surprised as you are. Feels like a light, milky, non-tacky serum x essence and is a welcome drink for my dehydrated forehead. While most primers seem to somehow make my foundation even dryer as they day goes on, this has kept my face feeling comfy and plumptious. Even with the light coverage of a tinted moisturizer on yesterday, I did do a little double take in he mirror come afternoon that my face was still looking good and dewy. Stay tuned for how this goes in the coming weeks but so far, so surprisingly good. I’m impressed. 

Next up, Mecca’s own highlighting powder. Never has it been so exciting to buy “home brand”. This rose gold powder is housed in gorgeous, mirrored copper-toned packaging and the powder itself is going to suit just about every skin tone (super pale girls may find it slightly warm). More impact than Hourglass’s Ambient Light but less intense than Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector. I’ve been loving it swept on the eyelids for a shimmery wash of light. 

And this final treat was marked for me months ago when a MUA swept it across my cheeks to pick up some eyeshadow fall-out. Super soft, and possibly the biggest brush head I had ever seen, somehow it me over the edge of the high price tag. It had to be mine. Now, I don’t buy new brushes very often; since investing in my Ray Morris set (sadly before the fancy new range was released!) I felt like I had all my brush needs covered. Turns out the one thing I was missing was an insanely big powder brush. This won’t apply your highlighter to just the upper third of your cheekbone nor will it do your contour (is anyone other than Kim K still contouring?) and it doesn’t have Ray’s fancy magnets, but it does apply bronzing powder without a striped edge in sight, and it does dust on setting powder gloriously. It does these two jobs in the softest, most luxe feeling way you could dream of. And that is why you buy a La Mer brush I suppose. Total indulgent luxury.

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